Huishoudelijke hulp Delft: Akash
Werkster Akash
Delft (2611)
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Huishoudelijke hulp Delft: Akash

Werkster Akash uit Delft

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I liked this part-time (flexible time) work position. I am currently unemployed and looking for a job to spend my monthly expenses from, as things are very difficult at the current moment of COVID. I am flexibly available on any day at any time including the weekend.
I have lived for around 17 years alone away from home as an individual. I have been taking care of myself and my stuff all by my own. I have experience in all kind of housekeeping services. I can do all listed items you require (I can do cooking as well). I can be a multitasker for different things.
I have 4-year of professional experience in my field and have been working as a freelancer. My past experience has taught me to take responsibility, leadership and coordination. I have proven ability with good communication and teamwork within any organization.I have a good education of Masters level from the Delft University of Technology. On top of this, I can work independently or in a team of colleagues smoothly. Further, I am an Architect, which will make me an easy-going person to remember building's each and every corner thoroughly. This will make it easy for me to check on things all around and make it well organised.
I have high hopes from you and I hope I get to hear it from you soon.
Thank you.

Best Regards,


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Woonplaats Werkster Delft (2611)
Provincie Zuid-Holland
Wijk Werkster Delft Binnenstad
Buurt Werkster Delft Centrum-Oost


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Leeftijd 27
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