Huishoudelijke hulp Amsterdam: David
Werkster David
Amsterdam (1054)
4 - 5 jaarervaring
32 jaaroud
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Huishoudelijke hulp Amsterdam: David

Werkster David uit Amsterdam

Oproep van David

Hallo! Goedemorgen.

My name is David. I’m Brazilian, I speak some Dutch and also Portuguese and Spanish.

I’ve been working at housekeeping for 4 years. At the moment I work on 15 different households, working for some of those families for more than 3 years and I can provide you the best references possible.

When it comes to cleaning, quality and proactivity are very important to me, so expect every corner of your house to be properly cleaned and I’m someone you can completely trust to take care of your house.

Another important thing: I don’t charge by the hour. We agree on the tasks you expect to be done and then awe find a price that fits your budget. You’ll always pay the same and have the same quality while I’ll always work fast and efficiently.

Thank you for your attention and let me know if you want to set an appointment so we can discuss all the details and I have the chance to introduce myself.

Have a nice day.



  • Engels
  • Nederlands
  • Portugees
  • Spaans


  • Stoffen
  • Stofzuigen
  • Dweilen
  • Ramen lappen
  • Tuin onderhoud
  • Wassen
  • Strijken
  • Boodschappen doen
  • Koken
  • Afwas doen
  • Oppas op de kinderen
  • Music teacher
  • Yoga teacher

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  • Fiets

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  • Beoordeling op 21-01-2021 door huishouden R.B.
    • David is very helpful and good in keeping up my household. The apartment has not been so clean ever! He works very efficiently and is a kind person. Always in for a good conversation or a laugh. I would recommend him to everyone who's looking for a dedicated and trustworthy person.

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Woonplaats Werkster Amsterdam (1054)
Provincie Noord-Holland
Wijk Werkster Amsterdam Oud-West
Buurt Werkster Amsterdam Overtoomse Sluis


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Leeftijd 32
Geslacht Man
Ervaring 4 - 5 jaar
Referenties Ja
Rijbewijs Nee


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Gemiddelde reactietijd 20 uur
Lid sinds December 2018
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